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Contributions and Donations
 plushieonthesun - (brynspikess)
01:32pm 24/10/2011
Dea Brynhild Ensomhet posting in Like a Plushie on the Sun...
First off, a huge thank you to my friends and family. Without their help and support, I don't want to know where I would be today.

I'd like to thank niccals on deviantART for being my inspiration. She makes the cutest plushies, and if she hadn't shared her amazing talent online I probably would never have started making plushies myself. Go check her out, and order some plushies from her if you can - you won't regret it!

That being said, you will probably notice that my plushies are similar in style to hers. While I have based my designs using her plushies as inspiration, I have crafted all of my patterns from scratch and try to keep my designs different from hers. Still, I want credit to go to her for being amazing and awesomely creative and for taking my interest in making plushies in the spirit of flattery in which it was intended. :)

Huge thanks to laser_radiation for helping me host the Build-A-Plushie workshop at wincon '11. I don't think I would have been able to do it without a few more mental breakdowns if not for you! <333

Thanks to laser_radiation, celtic_cookie, and nightlovechild for being a creative sounding board. If not for your input, my plushies wouldn't look as good as they do!

Lots of love to all the Liferuiners, you know who you are, who put up with my squee and let me rant and show off when I needed to. <3

Thanks to Shehera M. and Betty S. for their donations of cloth and materials.


That being said, here goes nothing. If you didn't know already, I funded the workshop at Wincon '11 out of pocket, and am prepared to do the same for Wincon '12, because I love plushies and I think everyone should have a chance to make something to cuddle. Still, I'm not so proud as to turn down any help you would like to offer (and I've been told by my friends that it doesn't hurt to ask).

If you would like to donate to PlushieOnTheSun, please click the following button. If you have a preference for how your donation is used (i.e. as reimbursement for Wincon '11's workshop, towards supplies for Wincon '12's workshop, towards a Plushie donation to the Wincon '12 raffle, etc.), please leave a note in the text box or comment on this post. No donation is too small. Thank you so much!!!

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